Amancio Ortega quotes- motivation quotes

Amancio Ortega quotes - Best quotes from a billionaire - motivation quotes

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Here you see some famous quotes from Amancio Ortega


1.We cannot limit ourselves to continuing on the path we have already opened

2.Once again we will have to be enthusiastic and exacting in order to convert ideas and projects into reality

3.One thing hasn’t changed – the innovative spirit and urges for improvement that was the driving force back then

4.We must be aware that the experience we have gained is not enough to guarantee our leadership. We must also be faithful to the commitment to effort and improvement which inspires our company.

5.The creation of new chains and the widening of our product ranges is our response to the new opportunities of the environment

6.You must appear three times in the newspapers: when you are born, when you get married, and when you die



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